My Classic Car 2016 Season DVD

My Classic Car 2016 Season DVD

My Classic Car 2016 Season DVD


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All twenty-six episodes of the 2016 Season of My Classic Car, in a 5-DVD set.

Disc One
01: Kool April Nites; Modular Flooring Options
02: Cartoon Customs; Custom Catalogs for Rubber Parts
03: Keels and Wheels; Bumper Restoration
04: Dream Truck & Hot Rod; Bench Seat Upholstery Kit
05: Vail Automotive Classic; Cougar and Mustang Parts
06: Jay Leno's Fiat Racer; Evolution of Media Blasting

Disc Two
07: Cruising Downtown Manchester; Modern Tunes for Classics
08: 4 Door Classics; Weatherstripping for Vent Windows
09: Cruisin' the Coast; Sound Control Products
10: Lincoln Cosmo and Model A Rod; Modular Garage Flooring
11: Wheels of Time; Stainless Steel Restoration

Disc Three
12: Olds Pace Cars; Dash Panel Assemblies and A/C Kits
13: Cache Valley Cruise-In; Evolution of Media Blasting
14: Wellborn Muscle Car Collection; Custom Catalogs for Rubber Parts
15: Country Cruize-In; Modern Tunes for Classics
16: BMW 507 and Fiat Dino; Steering Components

Disc Four
17: The Cars That Time Forgot; Thermal Tuning Products
18: Rambler Collection; Chroming Fiberglass
19: Waterfront Car Show; Evolution of Media Blasting
20: Jay Leno's Cord and Premier; Specialized Restoration Tools
21: Porche Parade; Complete Steering Systems

Disc Five
22: 70's Fords; Weatherstripping for Vent Windows
23: Newport Hill Climb; Modular Garage Flooring
24: Chevy Resto Mods; Collapsible Steering Columns
25: Yellowstone Rod Run; Custom Catalogs for Rubber Parts
26: Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum; Restoration Tools