My Classic Car 2015 Season DVD

My Classic Car 2015 Season DVD

My Classic Car 2015 Season DVD


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All twenty-six episodes of the 2015 Season of My Classic Car, in a 5-DVD set.

Disc One
01: Wheels & Waves; Mustang Power Seats & Other Upgrades
02: Jay Leno's Doble Steam Car; Mobile Blasting Business
03: Back to the 50's; How to Remove Swirls in Paint
04: Monster Roadsters; Weatherstrip Kits
05: Lonestar Roundup; New Audio Gear for Classics
06: Maseratis; Modular Flooring Options

Disc Two
07: Saratoga Invitational; Sound Control Products
08: Steve DeMan Lowriders; Bumper and Grill Restoration
09: Wild Hot Rod Weekend; LED Lighting
10: Jay Leno's Shop Projects; Destined to Detail
11: Cruisin' the Heartland; '47-'98 Chevy Truck Parts

Disc Three
12: Stutz Cars; Mobile Blasting Business
13: Rat Fink Reunion; Door Weatherstrip Seals
14: Toyota Collection in Puerto Rico; New Audio Gear for Classics
15: Car D;Lane; Stainless Steel Restoration
16: 70's Pickups; Detailing Makeover

Disc Four
17: Keenland Concours; Restoration Parts Catalogs
18: Jay Leno's Jet Car; Modular Flooring Design
19: Detailfest; Weatherstrip Kits
20: Europe Road Trip; Mobile Blasting Business
21: Lake Mirror Classic; Tailgates & Tailgate Protectors

Disc Five
22: Brass Era Cars; Thermal Tuning Products
23: French & Italian Car Show; Chroming Fiberglass
24: Ferrari 250GT & Mercedes Gullwing; Detailing Bootcamp
25: British Invasion; Modular Flooring Design Options
26: Mercury & Riviera Customs; Door Weatherstrip Seals