My Classic Car 2012 Season DVD

My Classic Car 2012 Season DVD

My Classic Car 2012 Season DVD


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All twenty-six episodes of the 2012 Season of My Classic Car, in a 5-DVD set.

Disc One
01. Beatersville; Pinnacle Natural Brilliance
02. Jay Leno's Tatra & Lambo; Choices in Reproduction Parts
03. Gold Rush Car Show; Automatic Battery Disconnect
04. Fiat & Alfa-Romeo Repli-Racer; Company Overview
05. Back to the Beach; Insuring Cars & More
06. Rolls-Royce & Avions Voisin; Behind the Scenes

Disc Two
07. Slamology; Battery Maintenance
08. 70's Muscle Cars; Carpet
09. Kruise of Klamath; Garage Flooring Tiles
10. Jay Leno's Jet Car; Cyclo Polisher
11. Sweden's Nostalgia Festival; Car Stereos

Disc Three
12. Ferraris; Dustless Blasting
13. Run for the Hills; Rust Removal & Prevention
14. DuPont Cars; Insuring Cars & More
15. Leadsled Spectacular; Wolfgang
16. The Blues Brothers & Mad Max; New Corvette Products

Disc Four
17. Cruise Above the Clouds; Steering Components
18. Jay Leno's High Performance Sports Cars; Chroming Services
19. Hagley Car Show; Liftlyte (Lumenyte)
20. GM Luxury Sport Cars; Battery Maintenance
21. Cruisin' the Coast; Detail Fest

Disc Five
22. Richard Petty; Carpet
23. Mountain Moonshine Festival; Garage Flooring Tiles
24. Virgil Exner Mopars; Car Stereos
25. Car Show in Lehi, Utah; Dustless Blasting
26. Chip Foose Designed Trucks; Behind the Scenes