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My Classic Car Season 6 (2002) Episode 2 Download

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Season 6 (2002), Episode 2


  • Aloha! On this edition of Hemming's My Classic Car, Dennis Gage and the crew travel to the land of grass skirts and loud shirts to attend the ninth annual Mustang Madness and All Ford Show. Beautiful Kailua, Hawaii, is the place to be for some Fabulous Fords, so grab some sun tan lotion, put on your shades and come along for the fun!
  • One desirable feature of any premier garage or workshop where automobile restoration is performed is dust-free working conditions. In this edition of Hemming's Garage, Sam and Dennis offer some insight on how you can create and maintain these conditions for your own garage or shop with a minimum expense. In fact, with the help of products from the folks at UCoat It, the process is so easy that you can do it yourself in a day!
  • There are garages, and then there are GARAGES! Take a trip with Dennis and the crew as Hemming's My Classic Car travels to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to visit a pair of exquisite garages including one furnished with several mock store fronts and a functioning English Pub. In fact, it's such a palace for cars the owner's friend calls it the "Garage Mahal."
  • For more information visit the My Classic Car episode page.

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