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My Classic Car Season 5 (2001) Episode 11 Download

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Season 5 (2001), Episode 11


  • This week, join Dennis Gage and Hemming’s My Classic Car as they travel to Forest Park near St. Louis, Missouri, the site for the 1904 World’s Fair. This beautiful setting was indeed a fitting place for the first Lincolns for the Millennium Car Show.
  • Remember when it was simple to find an old car and turn it into a “street demon?” Well, times have changed and today in Hemming’s Garage, Sam and Dennis look at some of the newest technology in aftermarket products for building Hot Rods.
  • Impossible as it may seem, it has been more than thirty years since the phrase, “Here Come Da Judge!” was popular. Even more unbelievable, it has been that same amount of time since Pontiac created a special GTOThe Judge! In this segment, we find a rare and unusual treat: a 1969 GTO Judge, Ram Air V!
  • For more information visit the My Classic Car episode page.


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