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My Classic Car Season 5 (2001) Episode 9 Download

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Season 5 (2001), Episode 9


  • “Certified Car Nuts,” get ready for the ultimate one-day car event! This week, Dennis Gage and Hemming’s My Classic Car travel to Detroit, Michigan, for sixteen miles of cars! It’s the Woodstock of car events--the Sixth Annual Woodward Dream Cruise!
  • After years of driving, the glass on any classic car takes a real beating. Today in Hemming’s Garage, Sam and Dennis take a look at, and through, the glass on a classic vehicle, and they’ll not only show you how to perform minor restorations, but also how to locate that obsolete windshield or window.
  • During the mid 1960s, the folks at the GM Racing Division decided to create a Cobra Killer in order to compete with Ford. What they came up with was the Cheetah, and it was one bad and fast kitty! Hold on tight and join your host, Dennis Gage, as he has the thrill of riding in a rare 1964 Cheetah.
  • For more information visit the My Classic Car episode page.

    Keywords: Dodge, Charger, Mopar, Chevy

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