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My Classic Car Season 5 (2001) Episode 2 Download

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Season 5 (2001), Episode 2


  • If classic Mustangs and T-Birds put fuel in your tank, on this week’s episode of Hemming’s My Classic Car, we have one show that you simply can not af-Ford to miss. Join your host Dennis Gage as we attend the Fifteenth Annual Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show in Buena Vista, California.
  • How many times have you said, “If I only had one of those, this job would be easy.” Well, it may be easier that you think to acquire the specialty tools that help make your restoration dream become a reality.
  • How about a 426 street Hemi that runs on pump gas and makes over 500 horsepower? Impossible? Not hardly! On this edition of Hemming’s My Classic Car, join Dennis as he cruises the Pennsylvania back roads in a replica 1964 Hemi Belvedere that is bad to the bone.
  • For more information visit the My Classic Car episode page.

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