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My Classic Car Season 4 (2000) Episode 6 Download

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Season 4 (2000), Episode 6


  • A blast from the past! In the mid 1950's a loaf of bread cost 17 cents and a gallon of gas was 22 cents; average income, $3,960 and you could buy a brand new car for $1,700. While that's not true today, Hot August Nights takes you back in time to an era of America's love affair with cars and "shake, rattle and rock n' roll!"
  • If you ever get the chance to talk with Dr. Robert (Mac) Jones about his Volkswagen collection, you'll swear he's describing a lover, or in this case, many lover's. Join Dennis as he views some of these rare German cars that in Mac's own words, he "just can't get enough of!"
  • Protect your investment! Important considerations you need to think about in selecting a car cover. That old flannel sheet with the faded flowers will NOT do!
  • For more information visit the My Classic Car episode page.

    Keywords: Reno, Nevada, Germany, Germans, Jeep, Convertible

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